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we begin with tom tasselmyer who is tracking girl from the -- tracking earl. >> the system is continuing to make its way up towards nantucket and eastern sections of massachusetts. it has winds of 80 miles an hour. it is a category one hurricane. the winds are gusting 25-30 miles an hour from atlantic city of to new york city. the outer tip of long island has 16 mile an hour winds. the same at provincetown in cape cod. it is going to pull away from our region and what we expect tonight is a cold front that will usher in some beautiful labor day weekend weather. so far, so good. we look forward to a fantastic weekend, which is good news for the folks down at ocean city. lowell melser has been down there for a couple of days. as long as the storm stays
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offshore, that will take hurricanes like that. >> the storm was at its height here between 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 this afternoon. we saw a little bit of light rain and winds averaging 23 miles an hour with gusts of 45 miles an hour. the cirque -- surf at 8-12 foot waves. as we predicted, they dodged a bullet here at ocean city. >> i thought it would be a lot worse, i really did. we came down here for vacation and we have been down here for hurricanes before, so it did not seem like a big deal. >> the inlet at ocean city became the big tourist attraction as everyone wanted a glimpse of hurricane earl. the problem was, many were wondering where he was hiding.
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>> it was not as bad as we were bought -- as we thought it was going to be. we still get to come out and see mother nature at her best. >> the only real rains came in the midafternoon and highest wind gusts were about 45 miles an hour. flooding was limited to the inlet parking lot, and beach erosion was relatively minor. >> the effects we received were less than we expected. >> that is music to the mayor of ocean city's years, as they were expecting a little more of a punch. >> i don't know of any damage that happened in the town whatsoever. we will probably have some erosion and maybe some clean up from san on the beach parking lot. >> also breathing a sigh of relief, the head of emergency operations to begin preparing for the storm more than a week ago. >> everyone had their game face on and we all did what we need to do. we are very fortunate scared the
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city -- fortunate earl scared the city. -- spared the city. >> the big story will be the surf this weekend and whether swimmers and surfers will be allowed back in as rip currents will be the big topic of discussion with lifeguards. at this point, the mayor says it will be a wait-and-see situation as to who will be let back into the water. live in ocean city, lowell melser. >> hurricane earl is raising up the east coast as a much weaker category one storm, down from the powerful category for it was yesterday. it is staying offshore, but still packing a punch with 80 mile an hour winds. michelle has the latest.
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>> hurricane earl last the north carolina outer banks overnight. the eye of the storm staying far offshore, but close enough to bring driving wind and rain to the barrier islands. first flight did reveal storm damage and flooding -- first light. many are breathing a sigh of relief. now as earl races northward, residents along the east coast are bracing. >> we are well prepared. the national guard has been deployed. >> officials are warning not to take the storm lightly. >> this hurricane is something to take a lot more seriously. >> many coastal residents are getting the message. >> we are taking it seriously enough, we are boarding up. >> servers in long branch, new jersey, ignored storm warnings and took to the water. forecasters expect the storm to pass 50-100 miles southeast of
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nantucket tonight. hurricane force winds gust are expected to reach inland along the coast. as many watch and wait for the storm to pass and the labor day weekend to begin, a state of emergency remains in effect for cape cod and portions of coastal massachusetts. about a half dozen red cross and salvation army shelters have been set up an activated in case people need to take cover. >> you can get an up close look at hurricane earl as it turns away from our shores. our editors have put together a slide show of some of the best storm pictures. you can see that at we will keep our storm track for upper the hurricane season. >> i saw a stream of people coming through, and i said to myself, this is wonderful, because people know about it. >> that was congressman eli to
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cummings talking about early voting. cummings.ecomb linelijah 11 news spent time in baltimore city where mayor stephanie rawlings-blake cast her vote early as well this morning. she hopes it will inspire voters to get into the game early. >> let the voting began. the primary election day is not until september 14, but starting friday, residents have plenty of opportunities to vote early. >> it gives them more opportunity if they are not able to come out on election day. i encourage them to come out and exercise their right to vote. >> the five early polling places will be open every day from 10:00 until 8:00, friday
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september 3 thru thursday september 9, with the exception of sunday. it is the first election that early voting has been an option. the mayor came out to cast her ballot and encourage others to do the same. >> it is very convenient to come out. you don't have to wait in line on just that one day. >> income and patricia jessamy is basing all -- facing off. >> it is important that we exercise our civic duty to vote. >> voting early is the same process we are used to on election day. it is the same electronic voting machines and the same check-in process. the only difference is where you vote. >> they do not go to the regular precinct. >> to find an early voting polling place, go to our website,
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>> early voting for the primary election runs through thursday, september 9. there will be no voting on sunday. we have posted a link to all the early voting locations on our website, just click on politics. >> even though private employers hired more people in the last three months, the unemployment rate went up because not enough jobs were created to absorb the growing number of people looking for work. the jobs report was not great, but it was reassuring enough for starks to jump this afternoon. -- for stocks to jump this afternoon. >> the good news going into this labor day holiday, private employers added 67,000 new jobs in august, making a double-dip recession seem less likely. the bad news, unemployment went up any way to 9.6%, showing once
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again in the economy is not going anywhere fast. >> jobs are being created. they are just not being created as fast as they need to. >> the private employers added jobs, but more than 100,000 temporary census workers were laid off. as the economic picture improves, more of the long-term unemployed are searching for work again, pushing the unemployment rate up even more. with a critical election just two months away, republicans argue the president's economic plan is failing. >> we should be growing not at 1.6%, but 5% or 6%. >> this coming week, the president is expected to unveil new proposals to spur job growth. not far from the white house, a local activist is going above the president's head. >> people are really losing confidence and faith.
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>> it cannot get any worse. i might as well break. >> like millions of others, this man is looking for work and help wherever he can find it. >> some are only willing to go so far. >> still ahead, public charter schools are as popular as ever. we'll take you inside a new one. >> a new study is linking one class of drugs with an increased crest of a certain cancer. >> it is a maryland river known for having striped bass and crabs, but sharks? >> with the ravens roster countdown closing in, time has run out for the rookies to try to make the team. a last look at the last preseason game for the hopefuls,
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>> it is officially nail biting time for a number of ravens as we approached the final cut day. >> even if you cannot win a lombardi trophy, ravens have a respectable 3-1 record. gerry sandusky is back from st. louis with a look at last
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night's game. >> a month from now you'll not find 10 people who remember the ravens preseason record. many are not sure if they will make the team. the loss in st. louis could mark the last chance for some. cu>> he pulls it in for a 34-yad gain. he stumbles across the 35 yard line for the first down. a great catch, demetrius williams inside the 10 yard
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line. he pulls down the first down. his body language has changed on this drive. he is able to stretch the ball down to about the 22-yard line. >> troy smith leaped cent for the touchdown. troy smith not ready to concede just yet, with 3:41 left to play in the game. >> the waiting game ends tomorrow as well. the ravens had to cut down the roster from 75 to 53 players by tomorrow afternoon. after last night, the quarterback position continues to drop linney of discussion in the shaping of the ravens roster. >> there is a big change at m&t bank stadium this year. the ravens awarded a three-year
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deal to a philadelphia based company given them a lot of bending rights. -- hot dog vending rights. >> many women and some men take drugs to counter osteoporosis. something should be aware of, they may call slightly increased risk for developing throat cancer. they are used to strengthen bones. research on whether they lead to cancer has been mixed. recently another study found no link between the drugs and esophageal cancer, but a new study shows a link between taking them for more than five years and cancer of the throat. researchers say more studies are needed to determine the long- term risks and benefits of these drugs. the number of americans taking prescription drugs is going up,
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with many people on at least five different medications. eric edwards has that story. >> one of these, a couple of those. more and more americans are taking multiple prescription drugs. the number of people using five or more medications has increased. drug use has risen for all age groups in the past decade. pharmacists say they are not surprised. greg's the confirms what we see every day in practice. many pharmacists will set have seen the increase in prescription drug use every year. >> according to the report, nearly half of all americans have taken one prescription drug within the past month. drugs to control control attention deficit disorder are most common among teenagers. anti-depressant were given most often to middle-aged adults, and 90% of older americans over age 60 were on prescriptions, usually cholesterol drugs.
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the study did not look at the use of over-the-counter drugs and herbal supplements. problems can range from a dangerous inner actions to overdoses if the same ingredients are found in more than one drug. pharmacists say the best prescription for drug safety is to get out of the car and consult with experts directly. >> spending for prescription drugs reached $234 billion in 2008, more than double what it was in 1999. new research funds people are more likely to adopt healthy behavior is when they are involved in large social networks of people they know well. is the notion that challenges conventional wisdom that more distant ties in the network held ideas spread faster. when scientist norman internet based community asking participants to register for a
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forum, before% of those in dense networks signed up -- 54% signed up. they also adopted the help behaviors' four times faster. -- healthy behaviors. >> we have breaking news in baltimore county with captain roy taylor. >> we are going down i-done five on the north the site in baltimore county. just north of bradshaw road, a vehicle crashed into the guard rail. it is a personal injury. they have shut down the fast lane of i-95 traffic is backed up all the way down to white marsh boulevard. we will update you as we get more information. >> hurricanes that stay that far off the coast, we can manage.
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eastern sections of massachusetts, nantucket of to cape cod, might feel more effects of this storm as it passes by later tonight. it does not look like they will take a direct hit. earl is still a category one hurricane. it is a fantastic thing to look at, the amazing features of this storm as it rolls on by. 80 mile an hour winds at the center of the system, a couple of mont -- couple of hundred miles off martha's vineyard and nantucket and moving in that direction. we are only seeing 20-25 mile an hour wind gusts at this hour. temperatures really warming up, 95 degrees here in early september at hagerstown, 93 in frederick, 91 and hancock.
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there are clouds for most of the day, much warmer in the coastal areas that were under the clouds and picked up a little bit of rain. it is the 11th straight day we have no measurable rain at bwi marshall. the dry pattern continues in there is not a lot of hope for rain in the next several days or so. maybe a sprinkle coming in from the west tonight. there is a cold front of the way behind the storm. temperatures will drop back into the 60's. the front out to the west is producing showers, but all indications are most of the showers will fall apart as the cross the mountains. most of the moisture in the earl.ain is tied up with a gir the front is coming across baltimore with a few clouds. the winds shift to the west, cooler, less humid, and a spectacular labor day weekend starting tomorrow and sticking around through monday.
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77-82 tomorrow. it will feel more comfortable as the dewpoint comes down, but the winds out of the west make gust to 30 at times. a bit on the windy side, but more comfortable tomorrow. the storm will be gone if you are heading to ocean city. there will still be a high risk of recurrence on the beach. sunny skies and comfortable temperatures. of recorrip a very pleasant labor day weekend down at ocean city. 79 tomorrow in town, labor day monday will be 83. it will warm up a little bit tuesday and wednesday of next week with sunny skies and dry conditions. as the front comes through wednesday evening, dropping temperatures a little. it looks like essentially the
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next seven days will be dry. >> a beautiful weekend. still ahead, the scientists once charged with transporting the bubonic plague may have caused evacuation's at the miami airport. we will have more on that later. >> international outrage over the child who smoked two packs of cigarettes a day. >> justin bieber is perform
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>> of baltimore summer antiques show is under way at the downtown convention center. it features the most valuable item ever exhibited, a monet painting worth $5.8 million. runs through sunday. tickets are $12. many fans will be so happy to hear that justin bieber is heading to baltimore after having to cancel a couple of conserves last weekend. >> he will perform this sunday at the state fair. it's here. >> tickets for the concert sold out in 18 minutes. ♪
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16-year-old justin bieber is the newest part drop. the canadian born singer was discovered at age 14. his debut single chart in the top 30 over 10 countries. he will perform at the state fair sunday night. at the fair today, there is already excitement. just mention his name, and his fans will tell you -- >> i like his songs. >> you are a big fan? >> yes. he is a really good singer. >> he is really cute, too. and he does not disappoint his fans. >> 8-year-old grace performed one of his songs for us today. but we try to talk to her, we discovered she has what many of you ladies will identify with, a brother.
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>> he is awesome. >> kenya imitate one of his songs? go ahead -- can you imitate one of his songs? here is the big winner, 11 year- old jacqueline sutt, who won tickets to the concert and will meet justin. what are you going to say to him? >> i don't know. hi, and i like your music. >> the concert is at night at that state fair grounds. >> she just has to think about it for little while. share your photos and cellphone at
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>> it is not unusual for fishermen to pull striped bass and crabs out of the potomac river, but sharks? be warned, some experts say bull sharks are the most dangerous type in the world to humans. >> that is really weird. still ahead, we will recap today's top stories, including the latest on early voting, and we are still keeping an eye on hurricane earl. >> we will take you baltimore's new is charter school and tell you why they are popping up all over the state. >> what was happeni
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>> there has been a steady rise in the number of maryland public charter schools, especially in baltimore city, where one of the newest schools is about ready to open. this particular school is one of a number of public charter high schools opening in hamilton community. >> this may be a trend. charter schools jumped from just a dozen in 2006 to more than 30 today. this new high school may be evidence of what is to come. for almost 80 years, hamilton middle school stood as a symbol of learning. the doors closed a few years ago, but not for long. there are now signs of a new
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beginning. hamilton has become home to baltimore's new is public charter high-school, city neighbors. the makeover here is on the fast track, which just days before members of the freshman class show up. >> i got interview, and they asked me questions about what my interests were and stuff and what did i want to learn. >> what are you hoping for? >> nicer people at school and a different learning experience. >> i was curious, and i started looking into it. i got a lot of information and asked a lot of questions. i like the fact that the students and parents could be involved in the decisions with the school. >> this is our music room for the high school. >> bob mcdonnell heads up the
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charter school foundation. she says the new high school will meet a need within the public school system and hamilton community. >> a charter school is a public school, a place within the public school system where a great idea is given a chance. here in baltimore we have lots of great charter schools. >> schools that take a little bit of the old and new, a place where lockers have now been replaced with sticks pods. -- with student pods. >> for two hours every day, you are with 16 kids and your teacher, and this is your home base. >> at last check, there were close to 500 students on the waiting list. there are five worked -- 44 public charter schools in maryland.
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to get more information, log onto our website,, and click on education. >> a look at some of our other top stories at this hour. early voting is underway in maryland, with many politicians leading the way to the polls. >> it is great people are coming out. this is early voting, not absentee. everyone has a right to vote early, and we hope people will take advantage of it. >> there was a large turnout at randallstown percenter been card and cast his vote. -- where senator ben cardin cast his vote. >> early voting runs through september 9. there'll be no voting on sunday. we have posted a link to all locations on our website,
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>> hurricane earl may be weaker, but the strong -- storm is still strong enough to turn up the east coast. a tropical storm warning is in effect for a long island. cape cod and the islands are still under hurricane warning. teenager is dead after a motorcycle accident in harford county. it was around this time last night when skyteam 11 was over the scene at the intersection of trappe road and route 136. lauryn little was riding on a motorcycle as a passenger. >> we are learning more details about the gunman who held hostages at the does discovery channel headquarters and does what happened inside. they believe james j. lee had no indiction of ending the standoff alive. he spent a lot of time preparing
5:36 pm
for it. maryland police and federal agents to search in his house discovered he had actually been testing his bomb making skills. that down for improvised explosive as he left behind there. >> police now say that when he stormed into the dense discovery channel building wednesday afternoon waving a gun, it turned out to be a starter pistol, one of two he was carrying, and capable of harming anyone. they say he strapped explosives to himself that could have entered the three hostages. >> they would have been in harm's way had the bomb on all. >> a member of the swat team was able to slip undetected into the building and radio back what he saw, watching on surveillance cameras. >> there is a wall between me and him. >> the officer described the bomb he was wearing and the control he was holding. >> it looks like a canister on the outside and a propane bomb
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on the inside. a flashing light in his left hand. >> when the hostages tried to make or run for it and lee appeared to raise his gun, the officers fired and killed him. >> in 2003, james lee was convicted in federal court of smuggling illegal evidence into the united states. he staged a save the planet protest outside the discovery building in 2008. >> the u.s. defense secretary robert gates continues his trip to afghanistan by visiting troops at camp nathan smith. he flew to kabul yesterday after an unannounced visit. he answered questions from soldiers and expressed his sympathy to those who have been injured or have lost fellow soldiers. >> unfortunately, there will be more tough days ahead. you know that better than
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anybody. and this want you to know that you have the strong support of the american people. they believe in you. >> gates also gave out coins to soldiers from the 502nd regiment during an awards ceremony. >> 13 workers were rescued in the gulf of mexico. we will have the latest on any possible signs of leaking oil. >> new fund-raising numbers show the strength of the challengers in both the governor's race and the state'
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>> the cost of cleaning up the bp oil spill continues to climb to nine. bp announce that it spent $8 billion to clean up the oil and several claims filed by businesses. the company set aside a total of $20 billion to finance the recovery efforts. an explosion destroyed the deepwater horizon rate on april 20, killing 11 workers.
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just one day after another oil rig caught fire in the gulf, the coast guard says there are no signs of leaking oil. officials first reported a sheen a mile long, but just hours later, investigators were unable to find a spill. the 13 workers say there has been an explosion. a helicopter will search for any signs of oil again later today. >> authorities evacuated much of miami international airport last night after a suspicious item set off the alarm at a security checkpoint. a source says police detained 70-year-old thomas butler but released him after they found a dangerous materials in his luggage. but was acquitted of illegally transporting the bubonic plague back in 1993. he was a professor at texas tech university.
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>> we reported the indonesian smoking toddler has kicked the habit. concern and anger were sparked among people around the world. the psychologist says the boy has now quit smoking. he says once he was removed from the environment where virtually everyone smokes and was given distractions like games and toys, the boy was able to quit. >> i think a lot of people are wondering what happens when he goes back into that environment, though. still ahead, we will detail the latest security features that facebook is offering. >> or your holiday travel plans still secure? what you should expect this labor day weekend. >> coming up, an event this weekend that will be fun, informative, and could change a
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life. >> as girl moves away from the mid atlantic coast, a strong cold front is set to move in from the mounds -- s earl moves away. a beautiful view from skyteam 11. 89 degrees at the inner harbor. 89 degrees at the inner harbor.
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>> while voters have started going to the polls, we get a fresh look at the candidate's ability to draw financial support. a lack of health insurance kept a maryland man in a hospital. we'll explain the
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>> hurricane earl has come and gone, and did not come to close to the maryland shore line.
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people in new england are now bracing for tonight. paur was knocked out across some areas. it was not nearly as bad as some expected. >> conditions here across north carolina's outer banks are proving with each passing hour. we actually had sunshine that began late in the afternoon. the surf is still pretty rough. the hurricane is still relatively close by. considering that a major hurricane passed by a few short hours ago, this community got through relatively unscathed. we did have some flooding on secondary roadways and one major issue for travelers is that north carolina 12, the main thoroughfare that stretches 100 miles up and down the outer banks along the coastline is flooded at bonner bridge. it could remain flooded into the weekend. structural damage was limited
5:48 pm
because the winds were at a tropical storm strength. high water continues to subside, an area businesses look forward to a very busy holiday weekend. >> everybody is so relieved tonight. >> just a few hours ago it was a category for hurricane and now it has just kind of stood by. >> the peak of hurricane season is typically september 10. there are a couple more storms to track out there, but nothing that is really a threat for the next week or so. in baltimore today, it was another hot one. we only had a trace of precipitation. we are in a dry weather pattern. the last measurable rain at the airport was back on august 23. today 88 degrees, 91 in downtown
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baltimore. the record high was 97 at in 1898. the record low, a chilly 46. by sunday into monday morning, temperatures may be in the upper 40's in some of the outlying suburbs. pasadena is that 87, 87 over a columbia. 90 from frederick to hagerstown and back to hancock. getting a little cooler out in far western maryland. that ribbon of cloudy this is a cold front that is going to break our heat wave and held to kick this storm away from us. nantucket and cape cod might get brushed like the outer banks of north carolina were brushed last
5:50 pm
night. a slight chance for a sprinkle, because there are some showers with that threat to our west. it looks like we will come through essentially dry. these are current afternoon temperatures, 54 at international falls, 69 in chicago and pittsburg. you get the feeling that this air mass will come sweeping down in and make it feel a lot more comfortable for tomorrow into sunday and probably into monday as well. a couple of spotty showers late tonight, and in the skies clear. winds will be brisk behind the storm and the cold front. winds could be gusting to 30 miles an hour tomorrow. 77-82 degrees, sunrise at 6:38. they water temperatures are still warm. the storm will be gone from ocean city, but it takes a
5:51 pm
couple of days for the surf to wind down. use extreme caution going into the water because there is a higher risk of rip currents. more sunshine and comfortable temperatures sunday into labor day monday. the morning lows on sunday and monday morning, low 50's and may be over 40's in some of the colors of workers. the next warmup begins tuesday and wednesday with some sunshine. close to 90 again for the middle of next week. >> facebook is pushing out a remote log offer users that lets users and remotely close their facebook account from a different computer. this will address a security problem users have had at a friend's house or at a public spot like a library without reeling reject without realizing
5:52 pm
it. it will not be accessible from mobile devices. more adults are texting than ever before, but teenagers still let their fingers do the walking and talking the most. 72% of adults now send and receive text messages, up from 65% a year ago. 87% of teenagers text at least 50 text messages a day on average. kia motors is recalling vehicles to fix wiring in the interior lighting panels that could lead to fires. officials say some wiring harnesses may have been improperly installed. vehicle owners will be notified later this month. travel experts expect this long labor day weekend to be busy.
5:53 pm
>> travel agents at aaa report a 10% increase of bookings of hotel rooms, car rentals, and vacation packages in general for this year's labor day holiday weekend. it is going to be a busy travel weekend, like it has been all summer. >> labor day appears to be following the trend that we witnessed an experience for memorial day and the fourth of july. >> travel all year has been better than last year, but so has the economy and gas prices. gas prices currently average $2.68 a gallon. >> it is much cheaper than it was back in 2008 when the price of gasoline was around $3.70 a gallon. gasoline prices or more in line with what we saw last year. >> some on the eastern seaboard may be hampered by hurricanes, but overall the experts expect a
5:54 pm
lively labor day weekend travel wise. >> are you traveling this weekend? >> home. >> it is the beginning of the early voting in maryland. it marks the deadline for candidates to report their campaign contributions. >> it is a fund-raiser of a different kind where you can bring your roller skates, a big wheel, anything on wheels, all to raise money for a good cause. details are straight ahead.
5:55 pm
as a career prosecutor i made decisions on facts not politics. in washington, i'm trying to do the same. that's why i voted to crackdown on wall street and protect the bay. and why i voted against the $3 trillion budget, the big bank bailout, and against the health care bill. you see for me it's not about democrats or republicans it's about common sense and doing what's best for our families. maybe that's why i'm ranked one of the most independent members of congress. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message.
5:56 pm
>> i am a witness, getting men
5:57 pm
to talk about medical issues can sometimes be difficult. and it comes to prostate cancer, a local organization is trying to change that. >> a big event is trying to get the conversation rolling. jennifer franciotti has the story. >> his antique car is just one of his passions. another is spreading the word about prostate cancer. >> i have prostate cancer and have had a return. >> last year he got together with his fellow car club members and created wheels for cancer to raise money for cancer research. this sunday, wheels of all kinds are encouraged to fill parking lot with anything that roles. >> we would like to see it overflowing. each car represents money to us, and all the money goes to the bottom line that we contribute to prostate cancer research. >> if i only help one person get in early for testing, this
5:58 pm
mission will be accomplished. >> a psa is a simple blood test that he says detective his cancer a year and a half ago. prostate cancer is the second leading cancer among men and something one in six men will get with in their lifetimes. >> a lot of people who get prostate cancer don't want to talk to anybody. >> the ribbon color for prostate cancer is blue. the hope is that one day will be as well-known as pink is for a breast cancer. registration begins at 9:00 and goes until 3:00. >> that is all for us at 5:00. >> if you missed any of the newscasts or would like to see it again, we will have an encore
5:59 pm
broadcast tonight at 7. >> ocean city goes to battle with hurricane earl and wins. >> it is the challengers to have the edge in the latest political fund-raising reports. details are next. >> he is ready to be released, but a lack of health insurance prevents a maryland man from leaving this hospital. >> hurricane earl graves is the north carolina coast, flooding streets along the outer banks. while it was not nearly as bad as expected, there is still some cleaning up to be done after the waters recede. about 400 evacuees went to shelters at the height of the storm. that is the big story tonight

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